NEVERWINTER NIGHTS 2: MYSTERIES OF WESTGATE FAQ AND KNOWN ISSUES --------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 25, 2013 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTALLING --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: I'm using Windows Vista. The MoW installer displays errors: "Cannot write file ..." A: Log in to Windows Vista using an account with Administrator privileges. Using the "run with administrator privileges" menu option is not sufficient. Then run the installer. After Westgate is installed, run NWN2 to authenticate the game. After doing both of these steps, you may play MoW from an account that does not have Administrator privileges. Q: If the MoW installer displays errors while installing certain files (such as, then the problem is likely that the user's My Documents folder, and hence the NWN2 MyDocs subfolder, cannot be found because it is not in the default Windows location (such as being set up on a different drive). A: A work-around was found by a fan user that may resolve this (Ossian has not tested it though). This is to temporarily change the location of the My Documents folder to allow MoW's installation, and then revert it back to the original location. To do so, follow these steps: (1) Take ownership of the installer and NWN folder in the MyDocs folder. Right-click the folder -> Properties -> Security -> Advanced -> Edit -> Change to your user account. This first step might not be necessary but doesn't hurt to do. (2) Change MyDocs folder location to its default Windows folder location. (C:\Documents and Settings\[your username]\My Documents) Right-click current MyDocs folder -> Properties -> Location -> Move. Windows will prompt you to copy everything in your MyDocs folder to the new location. Choose "No" because you will be reverting the location back afterwards, so copying everything isn't necessary. (3) Manually copy your NWN2 folder from your previous MyDocs folder to the current one. (4) Install MoW. (5) Do steps 2 and 3 in reverse so that you can have your NWN2 folder in your original MyDocs folder location. Just copy the NWN2 folder (with the installed MoW files) from the default MyDocs folder into your original MyDocs folder. Then, change your MyDocs folder location following Step 2. (6) Run NWN2, select MoW from the campaign list, and activate MoW to play! Q: The installer displays an error message: "The Adventure Pack requires Neverwinter Nights 2 version 1.22 or greater." A: Patch your NWN2 game to version 1.22 (version 1.22.1588). If your game is already at 1.22, your Windows registry might be corrupt. The best fix is to reinstall NWN2, any game expansions that you might have, and then lastly install MoW again. Q: Can I use custom content in my override folder with MoW? A: This is not recommended and will likely cause the game to malfunction. Q: Can I use the 1.23 patch with MoW? A: Since Ossian has not finished testing MoW with the 1.23 patch, this is not recommended. However, we have not heard of any problems so far. Q: I have the Steam version of Neverwinter Nights 2 Platinum installed, but when I install MoW and start a new MoW campaign, it doesnít detect the MotB or SoZ expansions, so I donít get the new feats from those games. A: The Steam version of NWN2 was released later than MoW, so could not be tested before MoWís release. For some reason, the MoW installer does not detect the expansions in the Steam version. To correct this, simply download the zipped 2DA files from the Ossian MoW page (at the bottom), which are the SoZ compatible 2DA files that would have been installed if SoZ was detected, and follow these instructions: 1. Make sure to install MoW first. 2. Go to the folder called: "..\My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\Campaigns\Westgate_Campaign\2da". 3. Move the 2DA files you have there to some other location as backup (you can delete them afterwards). 4. Copy the new 2DA files from the zip file into this folder (make sure the 2DA files are at the root of this folder and not in a subfolder when you unzip). 5. Start NWN2 and a new MoW campaign. Things should now be working correctly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AUTHENTICATING --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: When I start MoW, NWN2 issues an error message: "Unable to reach authentication server to authenticate your module. Please check your Internet settings and try again." A: NWN2 is attempting to open an Internet connection to the Atari servers to validate your installation. There are several reasons why this might fail: - You have installed the NWN2 1.23 beta patch. - You are not connected to the Internet. - Your operating system's firewall is blocking Internet access for NWN2. - Your local router is blocking the ports used by NWN2 (port 80). - "Win. Collaboration Name Registration Services" is disabled in your operating system. - The Atari authentication servers are temporarily not functioning correctly. Read the following cases for a problem specific to yours. Q: Authentication fails, leaving a blank westgate.key file. A: Check your westgate.key file (located at the root of your NWN2 installation directory). If it is empty, you might have typed your serial key incorrectly. In particular, check for the number 0 (zero) versus the letter O (oh). Copy and paste the key that was sent to you into the serial key screen during installation to be 100% sure. For Polish users, there may have been a typo with serial keys printed in the manual, where the 0 and O characters at the end of the serial key were accidentally switched. Q: I can't authenticate and westgate.key file (located at the root of your NWN2 installation directory) contains the following error message: 401 Authorization Required

Authorization Required

This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser doesn't understand how to supply the credentials required.

Apache/2.2.3 (Red Hat) Server at Port 80
A: You have the 1.22 beta installed. You can confirm this by checking the build number of the game in the NWN2 main menu. Only build numbers 1586, 1587, and 1588 are official 1.22 builds, and build numbers below this are not. To remove the 1.22 beta patch, you must run the revert exe from Obsidian to revert you to the 1.21 patch and then run the updater to update to 1.22. If you can't find the revert exe, then a reinstallation of the NWN2 and an update to 1.22 will correct the problem. Q: Authentication fails on Windows 7. A: Windows 7 is not supported. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLAYING --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: After running the MoW installer, how do I play the game? A: Launch NWN2 and select New Game, then New Campaign, then Mysteries of Westgate. Q: Some of my characters don't appear in the MoW character list. A: Characters above level 20 cannot be used in MoW. Q: I'm trying to play MoW with one of the new races introduced in the Storm of Zehir expansion pack, and my character isn't visible. A: Make sure that you install MoW after installing SoZ. This will allow MoW to recognize the SoZ races. If you reinstall MoW in this situation, you should start a new game rather than continue a saved game. This same logic applies to new races in the Mask of the Betrayer expansion pack. Q: I was told that a quelzarn was attacking my ship, but nothing appears. A: The use of custom content in one of your override folders can cause conflicts with MoW. Empty your override folders. Return to an earlier saved game and try again. Q: Can you tell me the Knot of Shou Lung riddle again? A: Here it is: 'Twill be no common fare If thou seekest my lair; First root out and follow The trail of the dead, Feet soaked in violence Leave foul stains of red. Once the door you have found And iron menace have slain, Proceed forward, O reader; One last test doth remain! The final door shall be passed Based on your mental strength; The keys lie on the floor, The order defined by their length. But if the chalice you seek, You're by no means alone: It lies in plain sight, A mere mockery of stone. Q: After solving the riddle in the catacombs and entering the portal, why doesn't Orbakh the vampire appear in his chamber and trigger the cutscene? A: The most common cause of Orbakh not spawning in his chamber is having a different "creatures.2da" file in your override. Cleaning your override folder after entering Orbakh's chamber will not help because he will only spawn once during the game. The best solution is to clean up your override, return to an earlier save game, and try again. Note that the autosave can't be used because we autosave when the player enters Orbakh's chamber, so you have to go back to an earlier save game. If an earlier save game is not available, try the following: 1. Stand in Orbakh's chamber. 2. Open the console by pressing "~". 3. Type into the console: DebugMode 1 4. Type into the console: rs hf_debug_setvar AREA nPlayedScene1 0 5. If the command was successful, you should see a message on the console: "Set variable on object..." If it wasn't successful, try: rs hf_debug_setvar("AREA", "nPlayedScene1", 0) 6. Close the console by pressing "~". 7. Exit the area and enter it again. This should cause Orbakh to spawn and the cutscene to play. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUILDING --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: Can I use the MoW custom content, such as creatures, music, and placeables, in my own modules? A: Yes, you can. Most of the MoW custom content is available for download on the Mysteries of Westgate module page on NWVault: Q: Why can't I open the MoW module files in the NWN2 toolset? A: The MoW module files are encrypted, so the toolset cannot open them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WALKTHROUGH --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: I want to be certain that I've played all the sidequests in MoW. Can you tell me what they are? A: There are 16 sidequests in MoW: A Star is Born Cloak of Mysteries Cult of the Faceless Dimples the Dancer Head of the Pirates Okuzo's Honor Rinara's Fortune The Brotherhood of the Ferret The Deathtrap The Fate of Mantides The King of Spiders The Knot of Shou Lung The Quivering Thumb The Tyrran Enclave Tortured Hearts Trouble at the Track Q: I'm stuck in the game and don't know what to do next. A: The MoW walkthrough is available for players who are stuck and need help, or for those who want to see the different solutions to quests. It can be downloaded from the MoW page on the Ossian Studios website: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KNOWN ISSUES (* WARNING: SPOILERS FOLLOW *) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. For Bard characters, choosing one of the dialog options at the Ebon Claw door will prematurely end the conversation. To recover, reload the last auto-save (it is immediately outside this room), and choose a different conversation option. 2. 2500XP is given out frequently when you possess the BTW talisman. 3. After killing Rujillar, your journal tells you to return to Sods and Sundries, but it is not marked on your map. This can happen if you are working with the church. You should ignore Sods and Sundries and continue following Obid's directions; the game will play out correctly. 4. Swashbucklers and Favored Souls do not get the proper starting gear in the ship's hold at the start of the game. 5. Mantides and Charissa have incorrect feats and spells. 6. If Kokrulobis kills Uzalimon, the "Deathtrap" sidequest may not complete correctly. 7. After acquiring the "Tourist" feat, your character's armor class may be penalized incorrectly when equipping items. The penalty will be removed if you save and load the game. 8. After completing Rinara's quest, Mantides might not be in the Black Eye tavern. However, you can still add him via the Party Roster screen. 9. During the "Trouble at the Track" sidequest, the dog race cutscene may be shown from an overhead camera view instead of from a side view. After the race ends, the player is not teleported to the "back room" and the quest will not progress. A workaround has been reported for this issue. Immediately before the race, prior to speaking with the halfling, try swapping control to one of the companions and then back to the main character. Then speak with the halfling. The dog race cutscene should fire correctly. 10. In the Fire Knives quest, when reporting back to Captain Fennesh about Darius Falgar, the plot/journal will not be updated if the following is done: when reaching the conversation line "If you're looking for a little coin, talk to Obid. He ought to be grateful for you helping the City Watch like this." and then choosing the "Leave" dialogue option. Since the plot and journal won't be updated, reporting back to Obid will not complete the quest. To fix the situation, simply speak with Captain Fennesh again and choose the dialogue option "Tell Captain Fennesh everything." This will allow you to complete the quest with Obid.